Dining options 


All students attending SPIRE Academy programs will enjoy gourmet meals at SPIRE Fuel. Located within SPIRE Institute, SPIRE Fuel is an innovative dining experience that gives everyone access to the same nutritious, fresh meal options that professional athletes and Olympians enjoy. SPIRE Fuel specializes in prepared-to-order cuisine with zero added trans-fat, no artificial flavors or coloring and an emphasis on local produce, fresh ingredients and whole grains. 

At Andrews Osborne Academy

Metz Culinary Management is the Dining Service provider. Their goal is to serve the freshest and safest foods and offer the students the best food choices while helping to develop good eating habits.
Metz Culinary Management follows the National School Lunch Program that mandates for school meals to "safeguard the health and well-being of the nation's children". Regulations are followed where lunches provide, on a one-week average, one third of the Recommended Dietary Allowances for protein, vitamins A & C, iron, calcium, and calories. Also followed is that no more than 30% of total calories come from fat and less than 10% from saturated fat.

A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are offered each day. Canned fruit is packed in light syrup. The students are encouraged to take one serving of fruit and vegetables daily. When possible salad bars are available with a large variety of fresh items. 


  • A variety of wheat breads and rolls are offered daily. We are serving whole-wheat pizza crust for all of our pizzas, and whole-wheat pasta.
  • The majority of chicken items are whole products. The chicken nuggets are breaded in a whole wheat breading and baked. We serve local, hormone and antibiotic free fresh chicken.
  • Salad dressings are low fat and/or reduced calorie. 
  • Our food items are "trans-fat free" as defined by the state.
  • No whole milk is offered. 2%, 1%, and Skim are available. Our milk is 100% hormone free and a local product.
  • When available, snack items are baked and limited in fat, calories, and sodium content. 

Metz Culinary Management is a partner with Ohio Proud. This is a program from the Ohio Department of Agriculture that promotes Ohio grown, processed, and manufactured goods. Whenever possible we support this program.

 Food safety and employee safety are most important. The General Managers have attended ServSafe, a national program that teaches food safety from the point when the food enters the loading dock to when it is served. We also have Registered Dietitians as Nutrition Educators that are available for educational sessions with the students. Our mascot, Chef Metz, investigates a different healthy concept each month and guides the students with the best food choices.

Nutrition at SPIRE

SPIRE understands the importance of healthy eating and proper nutrition to the competitive athlete. That is why SPIRE Fuel was created.

Located on site, SPIRE Fuel is an innovative ‘training table’ approach to eating (or ‘fueling’ your system). Fuel offers students, competitors and visitors alike the same, nutritious, fresh meal options enjoyed by Olympic and Professional athletes. Fuel specializes in prepared to order cuisine, with zero added trans-fat, no artificial flavors or coloring, and an emphasis on local produce, fresh ingredients and whole grains. SPIRE chefs receive input from Michael Johnson Performance nutritionists as they prepare and customize appropriate meal plans for SPIRE athletes. Special nutritional needs can also be accommodated.

Residential students have SPIRE meals included within their tuition package while on site. Lunch only is provided to non-boarding students. Additional meals can be purchased as desired and meal packages can be purchased from SPIRE’s Admissions Department.

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