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Why Post Grad?

  1. There is a huge need and a growing demand for such a specialized offering.
  2. Many graduating seniors today are not ready physically, technically and/or competitively to excel at their desired level of college sports.
  3. Likewise, some student athletes are searching for a year where they can live independently and better prepare for the rigors of college life.
  4. And there may be academic reasons why taking an extra year between high school and college is the best course of action (i.e., SAT/ACT issues, ESL or TOEFL issues, GPA problems, the chance to take college credits in advance, etc.).

At SPIRE we offer solutions to one or all of these situations. 

Sports Training

  • Intense sports training regimens with SPIRE’S world class coaches
  • Michael Johnson Performance training tailored to the individual
  • Mental skills training and nutritional programming designed to suit each athlete
  • Competition scheduled in appropriate proportion to training
  • Guided exposure to the collegiate coaching network
  • Enhanced chances for a better scholarship offer

Academic Training

  • Earn college credit by taking two core classes per semester
  • Enhance your high school GPA
  • Repair your high school GPA
  • Take SAT/ACT test prep courses
  • Take ESL programs and TOEFL prep courses
  • Work one-on-one with SPIRE’s Director of College Placement and NCAA Compliance 

Colleges fully recognize the value of students enrolling after a Post Grad experience. Coaches appreciate that athletes from Post Grad programs enroll with four full years of eligibility remaining (which is not the case after competing at the junior college level). And, parents rest assured knowing that the Post Grad experience will help their sons and daughters acclimate to college so much easier.  These combined elements lay a strong foundation for ensuring long-term collegiate success.

The Post Grad academy at SPIRE is a win-win-win situation! 

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Post Graduate:

  • Swimming, Volleyball,  and Basketball

High School Academy:

  • Swimming, Volleyball, and Basketball


  • A full range of specialty and team camps for various ages and abilities will be offered again in Swimming, Soccer,  Track & Field and Basketball

Holiday and Weekend Training Sessions:

  • Performance Training, Swimming, Soccer, Track & Field and Basketball

Travel Club Teams:

  • Are offering within the sports noted above.  

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