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The athletic recruiting process is a lot like dating, with college coaches/scouts and high school student athletes sizing each other up and searching for the right match. The process requires participants to understand and observe NCAA and NAIA rules and regulations, conduct thorough research, schedule home and campus visits, network and communicate appropriately, and, for most student athletes, engage in self-marketing.

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Five Things to know about the Recruiting Process

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More you need to know about the Recruiting Process

Learn best practices from athletes who have achieved success and the experts who have helped them.

Top 10 D3 and NAIA Athletes Who Went Pro

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4 Things the NCAA Eligibility Center Needs from Every Athlete

The NCAA Elibility Center (formerly called the NCAA Clearinghouse) checks every athlete who wants to play sports in college to make sure they're eligible (except at the NAIA and junior college levels). If they don't pass you, you don't play. So making sure you're set with them is a key first step for anybody who wants to get recruited...Read More

What I wish I hadn't done in the Recruiting Process: A Former D1 Athlete's Perspective Part I

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What I wish I hadn't done in the Recruiting Process: A Former D1 Athlete's Perspective Part II

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The Recruiting Funnel

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How to Use Five Cups of Water to Get Recruited

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Summer Checklist for College Preparation

Summer is just around the corner. Don't let it fly by without getting a jump on college preparation. Below is a list of steps for each grade level. Use these tips to reach your goal of playing your sport at...Read More

Dont' Pick a School for the Name

With the recent firing of Petrino and the situation that Arkansas recruits and commits are now facing, now is a good time to address the issue of recruits choosing colleges for a name rather than an athletic and academic program...Read More

College Recruiting is a Mental Game

In sports, in recruiting, in life - you end up being one of two things: A) Results or B) Reasons you didn't get them...Read More

New NCAA Initial Eligibility Rules for High School Freshmen

By: Kesha Christoph | March 1, 2012

High school freshmen take note: the NCAA is changing its academic requirements for college-bound student-athletes at the Division I level. The new rules impose time limits on completing courses in high school, set new GPA benchmarks and change the sliding scale between GPA and SAT/ACT test scores. The new eligibility rules affect current high school ... Read More    

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