Student Life

SPIRE’s student services team has one mission – to make sure every student athlete who walks through the door has a positive experience that helps them reach their full potential in sports, education and life. Student Services representatives are available to help you adjust to life on Campus and answer any questions about your personal, athletic or academic schedule. The SPIRE Student Services team can be reached at 440.466.1002.

Beyond athletics, SPIRE strives to cultivate a respect for a wide range of cultural opportunities. SPIRE students have the opportunity to take in regional attractions and events. From fine arts to professional sporting events, SPIRE is located within driving distance of major metropolitan areas including Cleveland, Columbus, Chicago, Detroit, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Toronto, Pittsburgh and New York City. We routinely offer our students day excursions and weekend trips to:

  • Professional basketball, football, soccer and baseball
  • Performing arts events – concerts, plays, musicals, opera, symphony and dance
  • Museums and culture centers
  • Religious services
  • Movies and shopping

While on campus, SPIRE students have access to all our facilities including world-class sports medicine and rehab centers, Michael Johnson Performance, SPIRE Fit, the Aquatics Center, indoor and outdoor fields & courts, game rooms and the student lounge.

Extracurricular Activities

SPIRE students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities to develop leadership, teamwork and problem-solving skills, including:  

  • Student Council: SPIRE students will form their own leadership council that will represent students and help organize activities, community service projects and trips. Student council members will work with teachers and student services to help develop a sense of community on campus.
  • Student Committees: Established by the student council, students can volunteer to serve on various committees such as Student Life, Fundraising, Social and Communications that will work to develop student programs and activities in their respective areas.
  • Community Service: Service to the community is a big part of SPIRE’s mission. Students will take an active role in their surrounding community through the development of partnerships that help benefit SPIRE and the region. 

On Campus Services (for students attending a SPIRE Academy Program)

Laundry and Linens

  • Pillow and mattress pads are provided. Each student should bring x-long, twin-size flat and fitted sheets, a pillowcase and towels. All items brought to SPIRE Institute should be marked with an indelible pen. Blankets are available upon request.


  • Please send mail to students at the following address:

                              Student’s Name 
                              c/o SPIRE Institute 
                              5201 SPIRE Circle
                              Geneva, OH 44041

  • Students may drop of mail with their resident advisor. It is suggested that they bring their own stamps and writing material. 


  • Students are also permitted to bring cell phones.
  • Long distance and international calls can be placed directly from the room, provided the student uses a phone card, credit card or calls collect.
  • The switchboard closes at 8:00pm. In the event of an emergency, call SPIRE Institute at 440.466.1002. The on-site Property Manager and staff will assist your son/daughter in contacting you immediately.
  • Students can receive faxes at 440.415.1087.

Health Services

  • Health Services is comprised of Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical nurses. They are available on campus or by phone seven days a week. They provide first aid, dispensation of medications and observation beds. Their goal is to assure that each student athlete has a safe and healthy experience.
  • Health Services have medications available for pain, fever, cough, allergy symptoms, nausea, diarrhea, headache and insect bites.
  • SPIRE Health Services must be advised of any prescription medications being taken by Post Graduate students. Note: Only Post Graduates are permitted to keep prescription medications in their suites with prior approval.
  • If you are taking medications by injections these must be approved by Health Services BEFORE your arrival at SPIRE Institute. There are many medications such as allergy shots that are not given at SPIRE.
  • If you have a chronic medical condition which requires special attention such as diabetes or severe allergies, please contact SPIRE’s Health Services Department at 440.466.1002to learn what special requirements might be applicable to attend or to board at SPIRE.
  • If you have any questions, please call Health Services at 440.466.1002.
  • Transportation is arranged for appointments with doctors, dentists and or orthodontists, optometrists and/or ophthalmologists, medical specialists, etc. Appointments for health care needs are arranged by the nurse. Emergency medical service is provided by the local emergency rooms and/or Urgent Care providers.


  • All students who drive themselves here must receive a parking pass from the operations center (front gate) when they arrive at the Academy. The student will be directed to the appropriate parking area. Failure to park in an appropriate area will result in towing of the vehicle.
  • Boarding students are not permitted use of their vehicle while enrolled in any of our boarding programs. The student’s keys are to be turned in and placed in the manager’s safe. The student can pick them up when he/she checks out of the Academy.

Safety & Security 

  • The safety & security of our students and guests is our primary concern.
  • Students live in secure environments with staff present 24-hours a day.

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