Inspiring the best expression of the human spirit through athletics, academics and service to others.

SPIRE Institute is a part of the Geneva area Recreational, Educational and Athletic Trust* family. GaREAT is a non-profit organization, which we mention for a few reasons. SPIRE came about as a charitable contribution; there is no debt on the facility today; and contributions help sustain our mission.

SPIRE began as a gesture by two individuals who wanted to do something for their hometown of Geneva, Ohio. Ron and Tracy Clutter have long believed that healthy competition builds character. They are raising their children on that principle. Ron built several successful businesses, and now SPIRE, as places where that principle can be practiced.

The SPIRE environment teaches teamwork, or, as Ron says, a place where people can learn “how to play and work together.” That, after all, is one of the valuable lessons of sports. So our goal at SPIRE is not only to produce elite athletes, but also to promote the values that produce good citizens who have character and know how to cooperate, compete and lead.

Ron and Tracy also created SPIRE knowing it would bring an economic benefit to Geneva and a broader region, contributing to job growth, tourism and much more.

Finally, our non-profit status means we can accept contributions from donors who may want to provide assistance for someone to experience all that SPIRE has to offer – for example, a student who wants, but lacks the resources to spend a summer, a semester or longer at SPIRE.

All of these core values define our philanthropic mission. To see us as nothing more than a sports complex would miss the point of SPIRE. But the best way to experience SPIRE is to visit. We’re here to welcome you. In the meantime, we invite you to read on and see how individuals, foundations and corporations can take an active role in contributing toward SPIRE.

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SPIRE Challenge Grants

For a limited time, donors can take advantage of a challenge grant that matches their contributions toward any one of SPIRE’s priorities, described below.

SPIRE Scholarships

SPIRE Academy, like any independent school, knows that a diverse student body is key to a well-rounded education. Scholarships help underwrite tuition for students who have the desire but not the resources to attend SPIRE.

SPIRE Wellness & Fitness

Our year-round wellness programs promote physical fitness as a means to a healthy mind, body and spirit. They demonstrate another guiding principle of SPIRE: that a healthy population is more productive at school, work or play. Contributions may be unrestricted or directed to targeted programs that will address issues like obesity and diabetes in youth, or to any one of the wellness programs for every age.

SPIRE Training

SPIRE encourages contributions that allow athletes, of all ages and abilities, who have the will but lack the financial resources to engage with our highly trained coaches. SPIRE also invites contributions that help underwrite the cost of bringing the nation’s top athletes associated with U.S. sport federations to train at our facilities.

SPIRE Therapy

SPIRE will assist the women and men in uniform who return home as Wounded Warriors by offering rehabilitation and therapeutic services on site. Opportunities exist to support SPIRE therapeutic services, educational programming designed for returning veterans, or any of the other programs for Wounded Warriors.

SPIRE Facilities

Naming opportunities exist for some of the facilities at SPIRE and for directed or “named” scholarship funds.

Our “no gift is too small” Philosophy

SPIRE is the result of key donors committed to the principle that sport enriches lives. *The non-profit status of the Geneva area Recreational, Educational and Athletic Trust (GaREAT) ensures that additional charitable contributions – of any amount – can play a vital role in providing opportunities for all individuals - regardless of their financial background – to benefit from the programs and services offered at SPIRE.

SPIRE Giving:
  • Donations
  • Grants
  • Scholarships
  • Matching Fund Initatives
  • Regional Development Strategies
  • All done via GaREAT's 501(c)3




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