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No one can match the scope and resources of SPIRE Institute when it comes to training swimmers.
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SPIRE Volleyball presents the most unique program in the game - the first Volleyball Academy residency program in the United States.
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Apply today to be a part of the world's top Track & Field training academy.
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SPIRE Basketball training systems are the most innovative in sports instruction today.
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There is no off season at SPIRE!
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SPIRE Academy - High School and Post Grad Boarding School, Summer and School Year Camps, Team Training, Weekend and Customized Training 


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SPIRE Institute launched SPIRE Academy - a residential academy for grades 9-12 and post grad year - in Sept. 2012, focused on performance training for all athletes and sports specific training in swimming, volleyball, track and field and basketball. Additional sport programs are on the immediate horizon.

This will be the first time a sports academy has ever offered this combination of sports training programs. 


High School:

  • Commenced fall 2012 in Swimming Volleyball, Track & Field and Basketball

Post Graduate:

  • Commenced fall 2012 in Swimming, Volleyball, Track & Field and Basketball

Summer Training Camps:

  • A full range of training camps for various ages and abilities will be offered in summer 2013 in Swimming, Volleyball, Track & Field, Basketball and Soccer.

School Year Camps/Clinics and Weekend Training Sessions:

  • Performance Training, Swimming, Volleyball, Track & Field and Basketball

Team Training:

  • SPIRE will make a very real difference in the success and cohesiveness of your team's season. And since coaching is something of an art, we welcome your team's coach to join you.

Travel Club Teams:

  • Within the sports noted above.  

To find out more about the SPIRE Complete Athlete, go here.


PHONE: 440.466.1002


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