SPIRE Academy (Residential Post Grad Program)


Why Post Grad Basketball?

There is a growing need for a specialized basketball post-graduate program to assist high school graduates prepare to excel at the collegiate level.  Now more than ever, collegiate coaches are highly selective in their student-athlete search.  Players who come through a strong post-graduate program have a recruiting edge by becoming a well-rounded prospect athletically, academically, and socially.  An additional year of athletic performance training, academic profile improvement, and physical maturation, gives SPIRE student-athletes the ability to transition more effectively at the collegiate level on the court, in the classroom, and socially.

Benefits of SPIRE’s Post-Graduate Basketball Program:

National exposure

College placement assistance

Competition against the nation’s top prep schools and colleges

Gain an additional year of growth and maturity

Opportunity to improve ACT/SAT/TOEFL scores

Improve academically without losing years of college eligibility

Condition student-athletes to the physical and mental rigors of being a collegiate student-athlete.

Improvement to an athlete’s speed, strength, and agility 


Basketball Training

  • SPIRE’S world-class coaches will design an intensive training regimen that will improve your individual proficiency and enhance your performance.
  • An individually tailored Michael Johnson Performance training program will make you a faster, stronger, more athletic player.
  • SPIRE Mental Skills Training with our certified sports psychologist will prepare you to focus and meet the pressures that lay ahead, on and off the court.
  • SPIRE Fuel features customized menus/meal plans for the serious athlete that will best enable you to develop, perform and recover.
  • Competition will be scheduled in appropriate proportion to your training commitments.
  • We will help guide your exposure to the collegiate coaching network.
  • All of these efforts should enhance your chances to secure a better scholarship offer.
  • You will be able to enter college with 4 years of eligibility remaining, which is not something you can say if you take the junior college route.

Academic Training

At SPIRE, you will also be able to earn college credit by taking two core classes per semester through Kent State University-Ashtabula and/or you can work to enhance/repair your high school GPA and SAT/ACT scores through test prep courses.  Additionally, ESL programs and TOEFL prep courses are available for international students. Working one-on-one with SPIRE’s Director of College Placement and NCAA Compliance will also prove to be invaluable to every student.

For more academic information, go to Post Grad Academics.


  • Rolling admission


  • 6 NBA dimensional size basketball courts with Shelde pro level model baskets
  • Agility, power and speed training with Michael Johnson Performance
  • Mental skills training
  • Leadership and communication
  • Nutrition/hydration training

Program Support Services: 

  • Sports Medicine Network (Orthopedic, Podiatry, Sport Psychology)
  • Performance Therapy (Sports Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Massage Therapy)
  • Sports Nutrition (Expert dietary analysis, body composition evaluation, supplement education, sport fueling and planning strategy).
  • Cost:
  • $37,500 boarding (includes room, meals and training; academic costs are not included); or
  • $29,000 non-boarding (includes training program and lunch; academic costs are not included)



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