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Thoughts create feelings, feelings create actions, and actions create results; both positive and negative.  How we think and feel affects how we perform.

At SPIRE Institute, group mental sessions are devoted to Mental Skills Performance Training. We work with athletes both in the classroom and out on the court, in the pool, or on the field. We positively impact your mental performance as you train, as you practice, and as you compete. 

The SPIRE Mental Skills team will help athletes:

• Enhance performance. Various mental skills are taught to athletes in large and small group, as well as individual sessions.  Skills and sessions are focused on but not limited to: imagery and mental rehearsal, positive self-talk, and breathing relaxation techniques, maintaining proper motivation, enhanced goal getting sessions, embracing and thriving under pressure, forming positive healthy habits, concentration, emotional control, and confidence. 

• Embrace and thrive in the pressures of competition. Mental Skills Training can help athletes at all levels embrace the pressures experienced within their sport and what the sport can bring.  We not only educate our athletes on embracing the pressure, but thriving in that environment.  Our goal is for our athletes to have their best ‘mental’ preparation and performance every time they compete. 

• Recover from injuries. Having injury setbacks in athletics can be very frustrating and emotionally difficult.  At SPIRE we have developed a unique Injured Athlete Program that is designed to assist athletes with their both psychological and physical pain as they pursue their trek to recovery.  It’s important for athletes to understand that recovering from any injury is a process, and it takes time to heal and recover. 

• Sports teach athletes about life. Change is inevitable, growth is 100% optional.  Change is going to happen in sports and in life… as human beings we are constantly changing however, learning from that change is entirely up to the individual.  SPIRE’s Mental Skills Performance team is wholly dedicated to reinforcing the messages of preparing athletes for life during and after their athletic careers.  We firmly believe in learning and growing is important for all athletes at every level as we provide training and learning opportunities to reinforce these messages.

• Enjoy sports and have fun. Most athletes will tell you that they began playing sports because they found it to be fun.  Before they realized they had talent or potential, at one point they expressed that athletics are fun.  Sometimes athletes, parents, and coaches make the sporting event bigger than a competition.  The sport that used to be fun may be no longer if athletes are not reminded of why they participate in their sport.  At SPIRE, our Mental Skills training spends a great deal of time teaching and reinforcing the message through interactive games and activities that sports are meant to be fun, competitive, and enjoyable. 

Equally committed on the field, the Mental Skills Training at SPIRE exists off the field as well assisting athletes with balancing sport and life together.  Skills and techniques used in Mental Skills Training such as mental rehearsal, confidence, concentration, maintaining a positive attitude, overcoming adversity, and using different relaxation techniques are very useful in school, at home, and in other settings.

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