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Four time gold medalist and nine time world champion Michael Johnson has long focused on the 'Complete Athlete' as a foundation for athletic success.  

The SPIRE TRAINING SYSTEM is dedicated to developing the 'Complete Athlete'.

Everything the Swimming, Volleyball, Track & Field, Basketball and Soccer athlete needs is available within the custom designed training environment of SPIRE Academy.

SPIRE Training System

For three decades now, our management team has been developing and fine tuning our training systems. We’ve proven many times over that if you combine the right technical, tactical, mental and physical training, and competition through proper tournament scheduling, you can accomplish truly amazing things. Balancing all these elements is essential to develop well-rounded athletes ready to perform well under competitive pressure. 

SPIRE Academy’s training systems are the most innovative in sport instruction today. We help determine the student’s future goals and work backward to the present, establishing priorities, developing routines and practices that reinforce a general ethic of hard work, dogged preparation and constant monitoring. We believe the best way to help our athletes reach their goals is to teach them to maintain a deep respect for quality, total attention to the task at hand and commitment to continual improvement.

SPIRE provides its athletes with the opportunity to realize their full potential, in and out of the athletic arena. It does so by offering:

  • Unparalleled year round facilities (indoor and out)
  • Exceptional integrated educational curricula
  • An elite team of world class coaching professionals
  • Michael Johnson Performance (speed, agility, quickness, strength and endurance training) (read more below)
  • Mental Skills Performance Training
  • A complete nutritional focus, including proper hydration (read more below)
  • Leadership, communication and life skills development
  • Top level national and international competition
  • Extensive club, league and tournament competition schedules
  • Multiple training program options from camps to academy
  • An inspirational environment that fosters individual, team and community success

Regardless of the sport, whether your goal is short or long-term athletic development, our training systems prove that skills can be learned and results can be achieved. 

We don’t mimic other systems, we’ve created our own, one that raises the bar. 

Accomplish truly amazing things. SPIRE Academy.

lacrosse player       

Michael Johnson Performance

Getting better and making the team doesn’t just mean training harder. It means training smarter with state-of-the-art equipment, the coolest, edgiest training technology and the world’s most advanced training techniques. Michael Johnson Performance will make you faster, stronger, more agile, more reactive and super-quick. But even more than that, it will give you the vision and attitude of a champion. 

Every SPIRE athlete receives progressive and systematic training with Michael Johnson Performance designed to improve your speed, strength, agility and stamina. It’s the world’s best training designed by the best, for the best.

Mental Skills Performance Training 

Do you know specifically how to prepare yourself like a champion – both physically and mentally? Would you like to maximize your performance, improving the return on the personal and financial investment you are making in your sport? Are you mentally at the top of your game every time you take the challenges specific to your sport? SPIRE's Mental Skills Training works with student athletes across all academy and camp sports and programs to optimize performance and well being.

Core concepts: Focus, Self Control, Routines, Imagery, Confidence/Trust, Goal Setting, Perspective, Positive Self-Talk.

College Placement

What does it take to be a Collegiate Athlete? How do I know I have what it takes? Becoming a Collegiate Athlete is a multi-step process that involves parents, student-athletes and some guidance from coaches and counselors.  At SPIRE we meet with the student-athletes on their journey to the next level and advise them on the steps to be taken.  The complexity of the college placement process varies on the dedication of each individual student-athlete. Do you know if you have what it takes?

Core Advisement: Register with the eligibility centers (NAIA or NCAA); Corresponding with coaches and colleges; Developing an athletic resume; Writing a college essay; Filling out college applications; and more.


SPIRE understands the importance of healthy eating and proper nutrition to the competitive athlete. That is why SPIRE Fuel was created.

Located on site, SPIRE Fuel is an innovative ‘training table’ approach to eating (or ‘fueling’) your system. Fuel offers students, competitors and visitors alike the same, nutritious, fresh meal options enjoyed by Olympic and Professional athletes. SPIRE chefs receive input from Michael Johnson Performance nutritionists as they prepare and customize appropriate meal plans for SPIRE athletes. Special nutritional needs can also be accomodated.

Residential students have SPIRE meals included within their tuition package while on site. Lunch only is provided to non-boarding students. Additional meals can be purchased as desired and meal packages can be purchased from SPIRE’s Admissions Department.


Transform into the athlete you never thought possible. 



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