SPIRE Academy (Residential High School)


Listen in to The Net Live interview with SPIRE Volleyball Director/Head Coach John Hawks.


Grades 9-12

Male and female athletes in grades 9-12 are invited to join the Academy for the fall semester and the school year. Students will experience a blended learning academic curriculum custom-designed for the serious student athlete with Andrews Osborne Academy. Learn more about academics with Andrews Osborne Academy. 

SPIRE Academy has set a whole new standard in comprehensive, integrated training and competition environment. Coach Hawks and his personally trained staff create the proper balance between technical skill development, extensive positional work, offensive and defensive systems, tactical team training, competitive drilling and tournament participation. At the same time, equal attention is placed upon developing our players from an athletic perspective via speed, agility, core strength, flexibility and endurance work within a training program co-designed with Michael Johnson Performance (MJP) located at the core of SPIRE. 

At SPIRE Academy, we focus on developing strong minds as well as healthy bodies.  Mental skills training is another key component of the SPIRE experience.  To complete the athlete's experience, we delve into nutrition and hydration, and the enhancement of communication and leadership skills. The integrated delivery of all of these components ensures that SPIRE develops the most athletic, mentally tough competitors in the game.

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SPIRE Academy. You've got to earn it.


Annual $49,900 (boarding) or $34,900 (non-boarding)

Semester $27,900 (boarding) or $19,900 (non-boarding)


SPIRE Camps are also available. Click here for more information.

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