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....It will do so across a wide variety of sports, with the most inclusive mix of dedicated athletes ever assembled. Students will attend residential high school and post graduate semester programs, intense weekend and week-long training camps. And the residential academy will feature an integrated academic curriculum custom designed for our student athletes and for those students interested in the business of sports.

SPIRE Institute is one of the largest indoor, multi-sport, training and competition complexes in the world. With more than 750,000 sq. ft. under roof and acres of outdoor facilities, it has the unique capacity to simultaneously host clubs, leagues, tournaments and championship events no matter the weather or the season. Every consideration has been taken to create an unparalleled experience for the athlete, the coach and the spectator.

Our mission at SPIRE is to unlock the full potential of the human spirit via athletics, academics and service. 


The Power of Sport

Sport doesn't care how much money you have or where you live, how fast you run or how high you jump. All it asks is that your heart is in the game, that you're having fun and that you're striving to improve.

At SPIRE Institute, we subscribe to the same motto. We exist to empower athletes so they can reach their potential–not just in sport, but also in school and in life. Our student athletes will learn, train and compete with every possible resource to help them along the way. We will offer a hands-on curriculum that weaves sport into learning, and we'll deliver the same performance training the pros receive. We will provide 750,000 square feet of Olympic-grade indoor training and competition facilities, and tens of acres of outdoor fields featuring the best artificial turf available. And as a non-profit, every dollar we earn is reinvested into developing athletes – whether it's growing the facilities or offering financial assistance – so the opportunities are always expanding.

And SPIRE isn't just reserved for star athletes. We invite athletes at all levels, in all sports, from all backgrounds to join us. From high school students to active seniors, from Paralympians to Special Olympians, from Wounded Warriors to weekend warriors --- our only criteria for acceptance is a love of sports and a desire to strengthen your mind, body and character. There's no place like SPIRE to push your physical and mental boundaries, to challenge your potential and to dare your will. We hope you will join us in changing the world through sport.

Ron Clutter
SPIRE Institute Founder

Where in the World

  • Since Geneva, Ohio is within driving distance of two-thirds of the U.S. population, athletes from all over the country can train here.
  • Major metropolitan areas like Columbus, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Toronto, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Boston, Charlotte and Montreal are all within 500 miles.
  • In fact, Geneva can reach the largest number of consumers within a 250-mile radius of any U.S. metro market.  

SPIRE Institute interstates and distances to major cities

SPIRE Institute
5201 SPIRE Circle
Geneva, OH 44041

  • A New Era in Athletic Development
  • International Caliber Events 24/7/365
  • Residential Sport/Academics Post Graduate Program
  • Residential Sport/College Prep Academy
  • Training Camps in Multiple Sports
  • Juniors, Collegians, Pros, Masters
  • Paralympians and Wounded Warriors
  • Unrivaled, Extraordinary Facilities
  • Innovative Partnerships
  • New Technologies Impacting Athletes
  • A Team of the best minds and character in sports education and training
  • Committed to empowering athletes from all walks of life to reach their full and most productive potential in sports, school, citizenship and life

"The more I learned, the more I connected with SPIRE Institute's commitment to a sense of exploration, purpose and openness. I wanted to help create a place the world has never seen."

- Aimee Mullins

Track World Record Holder, Paralympian

Founding Member, SPIRE Leadership Board



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