SPIRE Institute exists to unlock the full potential of the human spirit through athletics, academics and service.  SPIRE respects and honors the principles that built our nation and displays loyalty to those who serve and have served to preserve these principles. Its ultimate vision as a one-of-a-kind non-profit is to cultivate character and produce good citizens who know how to cooperate, compete and lead.

This is the driving force behind everything we do. 

Wheelchair basketball    

SPIRE invites athletes at all levels, in all sports, from all backgrounds to join us. SPIRE is for high achieving athletes training to reach their peak, but it is just as tailored to high school students and active seniors, Paralympians and Special Olympians, Wounded Warriors and weekend warriors. Our only criteria for acceptance is a love of sports and a desire to strengthen your mind, body and character. There's no place like SPIRE to push your physical and mental boundaries, to challenge your potential and to dare your will.

We hope you will join us in inspiring the world through sport.

Who We Serve

U.S. and International participants include high school, collegiate and professional athletes; Clubs, camps and teams of various levels; Olympians, Paralympians, Special Olympians and Wounded Warriors.

SPIRE has the facilities and professional staff to serve EVERYONE!