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How has COVID-19 Impacted NCAA Recruiting?

NCAA swimming recruiters from Division I and II universities have always had to follow rules that Division III, NAIA and NJCAA schools have not had to observe. Therefore, it makes sense that the NCAA’s adjustments to recruiting and eligibility rules forced by COVID-19 vary by Division

Division I
The NCAA has suspended all in-person recruiting through August 31, 2020. Coaches are not allowed to meet face to face with a recruit, or do any in-person scouting. Strength and conditioning staff, however, may virtually observe workouts at the student athlete’s request.

Division II
A “quiet period” is in effect through August 2020, which allows in-person recruiting on campus subject to local public health requirements.

Division III
Nothing has been announced regarding recruiting at the Division 3 level. NCAA suggests that any potential recruits with appointments at Division 3 colleges speak directly to their contacts at those schools.

While the NCAA has mandated an end to official and unofficial visits, recruiting has not stopped completely. Communication between coaches and potential recruits is still permitted through phone, email, text and social media.

Although these decisions currently apply only to the NCAA DI, DII and DIII levels, coaches at the NAIA and NJCAA levels are continually evaluating their recruiting practices and issuing their own updates. If you are in contact with coaches at these programs, we recommend checking directly with them to ensure face-to-face meetings or in-person scouting are not canceled or postponed.

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