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SPIRE is proud to offer Learn to Swim lessons for all ages. 

From ages 6 months and up, there is an option for all different levels of swimmers. 

Child, Teen, and Adult Private or Semi-Private Lessons

SPIRE Institute offers an outstanding private or semi-private swim lessons program for the beginner to intermediate participant. This one-on-one to group of 2-4 program is designed specifically to teach the fundamentals of competitive swimming, for individuals age 3 to 99.

  • $35 per Session (30 minutes) with our SPIRE Instructor Staff
  • $65 per Extended Session (1 hour) with our SPIRE Instructor Staff
  • Semi-private swim lessons: $20 per swimmer (30 minutes) for groups of two to four.
  • Contact: 440-466-1002 ext 144 for this option

For additional information regarding swim lessons or to register, visit SPIRE Fit, or contact us at fit@spireinstitute.org or 440-466-1002 Ext. 144. 


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Select a Level Below to Learn More

Must be at least 6 months old and accompanied by a parent/guardian. This program helps the child become comfortable in and around the water. In this program, parents will learn different support and holding techniques as well as how to help children learn and practice skills appropriate for their age.

For new swimmers, this program is an introduction to basic water skills. The front and back float are introduced as well as breath-holding and submersion of the face. The child will learn safety tips as they gradually adapt to the water.

Tadpoles Swim Lesson Objectives

  • Comfortable in Shallow Water
  • Submerse Face
  • Hold Breath Underwater
  • Blows Bubbles on Surface
  • Kick on Wall
  • Glide to Instructor
  • Front Float with Assistance
  • Back Float with Assistance
  • Walk into Pool Zero Depth Entry
  • Side Entry into Pool
  • Knows not to swim without a parent present

For graduates of the Tadpoles class, Minnows is a continuation of basic water skills. The front and back float are refined as well as breath-holding and submersion of the face. Kicking, bubble blowing, and introduction to freestyle and backstroke are also a part of this class. The child will learn safety tips as they adapt to the water.

Minnows Swim Lesson Objectives:

  • Kick with a Kickboard while Blowing Bubbles
  • Front Float and Recover without Support
  • Back Float and Recover without Support
  • Front Glide and Recover without Support
  • Back Glide and Recover without Support
  • Freestyle with Assistance
  • Backstroke with Assistance
  • Knows not to Swim Without a Parent

The fundamentals of swimming are taught in this program. The child will be expected to be comfortable in the water and learn how to glide on their front and back without assistance. Freestyle and backstroke are introduced during this time.

Guppies Swim Lesson Objectives:

  • Blow bubbles with head turn to breathe
  • Front Glide & Kick with Board 15 Feet
  • Back Glide & Kick with Board 15 Feet
  • Front Glide followed by Freestyle 15 Feet
  • Back Glide Followed by Backstroke 15 Feet
  • Legal Freestyle
  • Legal Backstroke

For graduates of Guppies, Starfish refines the freestyle and backstroke.  The basic skills required for butterfly and breaststroke will also be introduced.

Starfish Swim Lesson Objectives:

  • Comfortable in Deep Water
  • Rotary Breathing on Freestyle
  • Freestyle 15 Feet
  • Backstroke 15 Feet
  • Kneeling Dive
  • Basic Sculling
  • Legal Breaststroke Kick
  • Legal Butterfly Kick

For graduates of Starfish, Eels will refine their breaststroke and butterfly skills. Eels will also be introduced to the mechanics of the competitive start and treading water.

Eels Swim Lesson Objectives:

  • 25 Yards of Breaststroke
  • 25 Yards of Butterfly
  • 25 Yards of Freestyle
  • 25 Yards of Backstroke
  • Shallow Dive from Deck
  • Treading Water for 30 seconds

For graduates of Eels, Sharks are ready to go to the swim team. This option is for those who do not wish to continue into a swim team, but want to refine their skills and become stronger swimmers. Essentials of swimming, like lap swimming, etiquette, flip turns, and clock reading will be introduced.

Sharks Swim Lesson Objectives:

  • Lap Swimming Etiquette
  • Freestyle Flip Turn
  • Backstroke Flip Turn
  • Clock Reading
  • Circle Swimming
  • 50 yards of Freestyle
  • 50 yards of Backstroke
  • 25 yards of Breaststroke
  • 25 yards of Butterfly
  • Start from Side
  • Start from Block