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SPIRE Institute is much more than state-of-the-art athletic equipment. It is also filled with wonderful people who work hard to provide athletes of all skill levels with a positive experience while they are here. Through the internship program, college students with a variety of majors and career goals are able to receive college credit and experience what it is like to work for one of the top athletic training facilities in the nation. Maegan Kristyak is a senior at Kent State University and the current General Fitness and Health Promotion Intern at SPIRE Institute.

Originally form Middlesex Pennsylvania, Maegan heard of SPIRE through one of her professors at Kent State. As a sports administration major, Maegen was drawn to the sports industry because of what it has to offer. “Sports provide many life skills and helps people of all ages develop and maintain a healthy life style,” Maegen said. She has had other internships at various sports related companies in the area, but has experienced a completely different area of sports administration while at SPIRE. “My main responsibilities have been working with the children’s program, help at both the SPIRE FIT desk and at the Michael Johnson Performance Center and I was one of the primary planners for the Valor Games Gold Medalist Camp.” 

Coaching Intern Michael Hobson from Penn State working volleyball camp along with college players Jordanne and Alyssa

SPIRE interns operate off of a “all for one” mentality, which means that if experiences present themselves in other departments, we invite interns from all departments to get involved. Many experiences are there for the taking!

SPIRE Institute offers internships in a variety of areas including:

Marketing and Communications

Sports Management, Events and Operations

Sport Physiology

Sports Law/Law

Sports Psychology/Psychology with a Coaching Background

Sports Specific Coaching

Student Services – Sports Camps

photo-3 Student Services Intern Jake is studying sports administration at The University of Akron

Jen Kapalin, a senior communications major at The Ohio State University, has learned a lot working with the marketing and communications office at SPIRE Institute. “It is great to have such a prestigious facility so close by,” said Jen, a Jefferson, Ohio native. “Having SPIRE on my resume will help me stand out and I will be able to add a lot of experience to my portfolio when my internship is completed. The work is challenging, but I feel even more prepared for the finding a job after graduation.”

Keri Dantley, Academy Manager of Student Services, says that SPIRE Institute is always looking for students that think outside of the box and enthusiastic about gaining more experience.

“I think what we look for are people that who are not only strong academically, but work well with others. It is important to work on a team and support the team. If there is one area where an intern is weak in, we want another intern to be able to help them and get the job done,” Keri said. “It is a phenomenal resume booster, having the phrase “olympic training facility” and a “full time academy” are great to have under your belt. We want our interns to leave SPIRE with skills that can apply to any workplace setting.”

Internships are available for all semesters, including summer, and are open to working with different schedules. There are housing options available if you are located outside of driving distance. If you are interested in applying please visit