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Trevor Conner“Thinking so ~ makes it so…!” -Trevor Conner, SPIRE Institute’s Mental Skill Performance Coach. Here are his 10 Mental Toughness Tips for All Athletes!

1. An Unshakable Belief & Having the rightPOSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE.

2. Relentless Focus – Condition your mind for success ahead of time with positive affirmations and expectations.

3. Strong Routines: “Pre-performance, pre-shot, pre-race, etc… routines that clicks on desired mental-emotional state of mind.”

4. Poise and Composure: Learn to let go of mistakes quickly.

5. Re-frame the Negative Voices – When the negative voices in your head are speaking to you… 1) identify that they are negative 2) stop them in their tracks 3) turn them into positive statements.

6. Be open to suggestions: your way is not always the way… listen to others how to help you constantly improve.

7. View Failure is a Stepping Stone – failure is feedback …not the end all be all.

8. Be a Difference Maker on and OFF – the field / court / pool…etc.

9. Welcome growth: ‘change is inevitable, growth is optional’…

10. Prima donnas don’t succeed – a bad attitude will derail practice & your performance quicker than you can say the word “GO”.

Training your mind enhances your performance, thrive during pressured competition and helps you on and off the court. Trevor works with athletes on techniques to improve self-confidence, help with the pre-race / meet / match / game day jitters, maintaining an awesome attitude, setting effective goals, along with a variety of other things as well.

Looking to learn more about how to stay mentally locked in for your training and competition?

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