SPIRE Academy Adds Three World - Class Basketball Talents to their Senior Management Team

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SPIRE Academy Adds Three World - Class Basketball Talents to their Senior Management Team


GENEVA, OH – June 28, 2018 


Coming on the heels of SPIRE Basketball’s impressive run to Elite 8 in the 2018 Prep School National Championships, SPIRE is taking the next step in its growth by adding three new nationally known senior level members to its Academy Team.  SPIRE is proud to announce the addition of Tony Tucker, Jermaine Jackson, and Justin Brantley. As SPIRE Academy continues to grow in both recognition and size, it will always be seeking out the best and brightest talent to provide our athletes with not only the best facilities in the world, but also the best coaching in the world to provide the most comprehensive training available to assist athletes with achieving and exceeding their goals.


Tony Tucker – Executive Director of Academy and Basketball Operations.  Tony Tucker’s, primary career focus has been centered on changing the lives of young people through his combined knowledge and expertise in both education and athletics. After a fulfilling playing career, Tony has distinguished himself as a leading Educator, successful Basketball Coach, effective Basketball Skills Trainer, well-respected NBA Scout, and innovative Sports Entrepreneur over the past two plus decades. Tony’s Academy knowledge and experience is second to none. Tony started and brought to prominence the IMG Basketball Academy, and as such, is one of the pre-eminent experts in Academy Training.  As an Educator, Tony has held leadership positions in some of the nation’s most prominent private schools – namely St. Andrews School (DE), Mercersburg Academy (PA), University School (OH), and Flint Hill School (VA). As a Head Basketball Coach, Tony has been honored with multiple ‘Coach of the Year’ Awards while accumulating more than 400 wins over a 25-year High School coaching career. Most of Tony’s players have gone on to earn collegiate scholarships and play college basketball at some of the top college programs in the country (i.e. Kentucky, North Carolina, Louisville, Stanford, and Kansas to name a few). His experience also includes the coaching of dozens of players who went on to play professionally – including 10 players who have had (or are having) successful NBA careers. Six of his former players have been drafted in the annual NBA Draft. In recognition of his success Tony was made a proud member of the ‘Delaware Basketball Hall of Fame’ within his home state of Delaware.

Jermaine Jackson – Jermaine joins the SPIRE team as the new Head Basketball Coach and comes with an extensive and accomplished career in basketball starting from a young age. He is a former NBA player having a 13-year professional basketball career spending time with the Detroit Pistons, Philadelphia 76ers, Chicago Bulls, Atlanta Hawks, and Milwaukee Bucks.  Prior to that, Jermaine was the MCC player of the year from his time at University of Detroit-Mercy. After his career as a player, Jermaine transitioned seamlessly into a coaching role, spending time working at the high school, AAU, and college levels. As a coach, Jermaine has a proven work ethic and his success is based not only on his coaching ability, but his ability to always put the development of his players above all else.  Jermaine has also created a circle of contacts second to none on the basketball world, including notables such as Kevin Durant, Brandon Ingram, Josh Jackson, and Larry Brown-all who have and continue to work closely with Jermaine.

Justin Brantley – As SPIRE’s new Associate Academy Director, Justin Brantley is focused on combining his expertise and relentless will to win with the student-athletes desire to create results. Along with his inspired work ethic, Justin brings along with him a more than 10-year career at coaching, training, and recruiting some of the absolute best up and coming athletes. Justin also has experience running his own company Brantley Fitness Strength and Training, where he trained athletes from St. Paul, Super Friends AAU Basketball, and many other schools, as well as numerous individuals playing on levels from high school to professional, in the sports of basketball, baseball, football and hockey. From his time as National Scouting Director at the National Collegiate Scouting Association, Justin has had the opportunity to truly understand and identify the kinds of athletes and qualities that allow for success at the next level.  

About SPIRE:

SPIRE Institute is an Olympic Level training site with some of the best facilities in the world and is the only US based Academy sanctioned FINA training site of the three worldwide.


SPIRE’s nationally renowned coaches offer training programs in basketball, swimming, soccer, track and field, volleyball, and soccer. SPIRE Institute is the world’s premier destination for high school and postgraduate students seeking to optimize athletic, academic, and leadership abilities. SPIRE began its high school and postgraduate boarding academy in the fall of 2012 and has been gaining traction ever since.


In addition, the integration of mental conditioning, nutritional guidance, character building, and a variety of other educational options enhances the opportunity for athletes to reach their full potential. The Academy offers residential high school and post graduate programs, weekend training sessions as well as a full schedule of summer camps, and features the most diverse and inclusive collection of athletes assembled on one campus.

For more information on SPIRE Institute and SPIRE Academy please visit our website at http://www.spireinstitute.org


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