SPIRE Institute Partners with Sport Psychology Expert to Help Athletes Develop a Competitive Edge

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SPIRE Institute Partners with Sport Psychology Expert to Help Athletes Develop a Competitive Edge

Geneva, OH, August 1, 2016 -- SPIRE Institute has entered into a formal agreement with the Center for Peak Performance, LLC and Sam Maniar, Ph.D. to provide mental skills training and other sport psychology services to SPIRE Academy, SPIRE Performance, and SPIRE Camp participants. These services are yet another way that SPIRE continues to address total athlete development and inspire the best expression of the human spirit through athletics, academics, and service to others.

“We feel talent alone is not enough. We are looking for heart, character, and dedication to oneself and others. Partnering with Dr. Maniar and the Center for Peak Performance will get us one step closer to holistically developing our athletes in this way,” said Jeffrey K. Orloff, SPIRE Institute’s Chief Operating Officer. “We feel very fortunate that we were able to bring Dr. Maniar in.”

While athletes and coaches alike acknowledge the importance of being mentally tough, training is usually only focused on physical, technical, and tactical development. By bringing in the Center for Peak Performance to work with SPIRE’s athletes, the SPIRE Institute is looking to develop its athletes mentally as well.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to work with all of the athletes and coaches at SPIRE,” said Sam Maniar, President and Founder of the Center for Peak Performance, LLC. “I was impressed with the facilities, the coaches, and the training, and I look forward to contributing to the athletes’ development on and off the field. It’s our hope that participants in SPIRE’s various programs gain a competitive advantage in their sport as well as in life.”

About the Center for Peak Performance & Sam Maniar, Ph.D.

The Center for Peak Performance, LLC, in Hudson, Ohio, was founded by Sam Maniar, Ph.D., who has worked with executives, high-performing athletes, and organizations to help them improve their performance and achieve their goals. With a strategic perspective and the ability to creatively develop talent, Dr. Maniar uses performance psychology and his extensive experience as a foundation to help individuals and organizations pursue their potential. His varied background gives him a true understanding of what it takes to succeed, both in the business world and on the athletic field.

As a sport psychologist, Dr. Maniar has worked with thousands of professional, Olympic, college, and high school athletes, including the Cleveland Browns and Ohio State Buckeyes.

About SPIRE Institute

SPIRE Institute, in Geneva, Ohio, integrates sports and education, training and wellness with a focus on the development of the whole self. It features 750,000 sq. ft. of Olympic grade facilities under roof, acres of outdoor fields and a multi-sport stadium complex. SPIRE and its nationally renowned coaches offer residential high school and post grad academy programs, summer and holiday camps, and weekend training sessions in soccer, track & field, volleyball, swimming and basketball (with more sports to follow). Junior athletes train alongside collegians, professionals, wounded veterans, Olympians, Paralympians and masters level athletes. SPIRE features athletic development programs, mental skills training, sports medicine, nutrition and wellness programs, and a variety of customized high school and collegiate academic options. SPIRE can simultaneously host clubs, leagues, tournaments and championship events, in multiple sports, no matter the weather or the season.

Contact Information

SPIRE Institute

Jeff Orloff, Chief Operating Officer

440-466-1002 www.spireinstitute.org

Center for Peak Performance, LLC

Sam Maniar, Ph.D., President & Founder

330-593-9456 www.CenterForPeakPerformance.com