SPIRE Intern Goes to Camp!

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SPIRE Institute Marketing Intern Meghan Blaha learning to serve.

This past week Meghan Blaha, our marketing intern, got to experience a SPIRE Institute Sports camp. Our goal was to get a real perspective of camp from an athlete’s point of view.

However, the catch was to have her participate in a sport out of her comfort zone which happened to be volleyball. Meghan has always been a basketball player and volleyball was like learning a second language. Regardless, Meghan was up for the challenge and on Monday morning she was ready to learn.

Resident Assistant Zach welcomes campers to their home away from home for the week.
Resident Assistant Zach welcomes campers to their home away from home for the week.

Meghan was excited but nervous to start training with girls from the ages of 10 to 19. Luckily she had gotten to know the girls at volleyball camp during check-in the previous day so she began to relax. “The campers were definitely nervous coming into camp, but so was I, so it was a great way to connect,” Meghan said. “The Resident Assistants made the transition to dorm life really easy and we were all talking and getting to know each other before we knew it!”

Group lessons from Coach Hawks.
Group lessons to learn good setting form.


The coaches were aware of her nerves about learning a new sport so they helped her each step of the way. From warming up to serving the volleyball Meghan started to really enjoy camp. “I think the girls are looking really good, a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of energy.” said Coach Hobson, “I would give Meghan a rating of six for her improvement from not knowing how to play.”

SPIRE Institute camps are designed to be smaller so that athletes receive individual attention from coaches. This helps them work on specific skills to enhance their ability. Meghan was shown just that by receiving coaching advice from our Director John Hawks.

Getting lessons from Director John Hawks
Getting lessons from Director John Hawks

Even though training can be intense, we want our campers to have fun. The coaches add games and incentives during the day to get them excited about playing. There was never a short of encouragement from the coaches who work to give the athletes the best experience possible.

By the end of camp, Meghan walked away making new friends and gaining skills from some of the top ranked coaches in the nation. “By the time camp was over, I was both exhausted  and excited,” Meghan said. “All of the coaches were really great and took the time to help me learn. I have been to many sports camps as an athlete, but this one was truly above the rest,” She may not go on to play for the Olympic team, but she is on her way to learning a little more about the game.

SPIRE Institute is full of wonderful athletes that are work hard everyday to reach their goals. Be sure to follow us out on Facebook and Twitter at SPIRE Institute and on Instagram at spire_institute to continue to learn more about SPIRE Institute. If you are interested in experiencing SPIRE Camps, please visit www.spireinstitute.org.