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About SPIRE Basketball Events

SPIRE Institute is your "all under one roof" center for all different levels of basketball play. From leauges to tournaments SPIRE has the ability to cater to all. 

SPIRE features 6 NBA size basketball courts. One of them being directly from one of our partner the Cleveland Cavilers.

Our Basketball Staff

Professionalism both on and off the court.


Tony Tucker

Director of Academy and Basketball Operations

After his successful playing career, Tony has distinguished himself as a Leading Educator, successful Basketball Coach and Skills Trainer, a NBA Scout and a Sport Entrepreneur over the past two decades. 

Justin Brantley

Associate Academy Director

As a former Division 1 athlete, Justin brings 10+ years of high level coaching, training and recruiting experience combined with relentless will to win. His focus is on combining his expertise with the Student-Athletes desire to create results! 

Jermaine Jackson

Head Basketball Coach

Jermaine joins the SPIRE team as the new Head Basketball Coach. After his 13 year professional basketball career, Jermaine transitioned to a coaching role at the high school, AAU, and college levels. He is hard working individual who will put the development of his players above all else.