Parlez-Vous Français? French and Music Instructor, Ashlee Dietsch, Says “Oui” to SPIRE


SPIRE Institute & Academy (IA) is pleased to welcome Ashlee Dietsch, part-time French and Music Instructor, to our growing team of top-notch teaching staff. 

With a bachelor’s degree in French and a minor in Music from Ohio Northern University, Ashlee has spent the last three years substitute teaching all over Ohio.  Currently performing in an upcoming play, Ashlee is passionate about the arts, both on campus and off, and has taught private music lessons to students throughout Ohio. 

Ashlee embraces the changing nature of music and adapts her lessons to fit each class. “I lean into what the students are interested in. My lessons adapt around each class,” she explains. “For example, in Music Appreciation, we’ve shifted from the music theory base and have focused on modern artists and how culture has been impacted by the genres and artists my students listen to currently.”

Ashlee’s experiences afford her a chance to bring her global perspective into the classroom. She has big visions for her students, one shared by the faculty at SPIRE. “My goal is expanding the SPIRE athletes’ world views and providing the opportunity for them to become more well-rounded individuals, prepared for any path they may choose to take after their time at the Academy.”

“Ashlee is passionate about both music and French and thinks outside of the box when it comes to curriculum design,” explains Dr. Katherine Reedy, Dean of Academics at SPIRE. “Her creativity and life experiences position her to be a leader in our academic division. Ashlee is excited to think creatively about time and wants to design projects and units that engage students at night and on the weekends.”

SPIRE is the perfect fit for Ashlee, who is excited for her chance to teach creatively.SPIRE presented me with my first opportunity for my dream to teach the French language. I was drawn to educating outside the box and being encouraged to break the norms of academics.”

Ashlee, a northwest Ohio native, enjoys hobbies that challenge her creativity as well. “I crochet blankets, dolls, clothes and many other items.” Perhaps the most challenging part of crocheting is keeping her yarn away from her three cats—Lady Cassandra, Tiger and her newest kitten, Pistol.

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