Athletes Swarm to SPIRE for 2021 Competitions


Elite athletes are attracted to excellence. They seek out top coaches. First-rate trainers. And when it comes to competition, they look for events held at top venues that will offer them opportunities to go up against other top athletes from across the country.

SPIRE Institute & Academy (IA) is one of the largest indoor, professional training and competition complexes in the world with more than 750,000 sq. ft. under roof and a campus of 175 acres. Event promoters and sports entrepreneurs recognize SPIRE as the ideal venue to simultaneously host clubs, leagues, tournaments and championship events, no matter the weather or the season.

In 2021, hundreds of the nation’s best swimmers, divers, track and field athletes, and esports competitors will flock to SPIRE for the chance to go head-to-head with other top competitors in their sports in events such as the Big East and Atlantic 10 Swimming and Diving Championships, the Big Ten Indoor Conference Invitational, and various esports meetups.

Every year, athletes from around the world choose to not only compete but join SPIRE Academy to train and go to school because of its outstanding training, education, competition and world-class facilities. High school students can benefit from the same comprehensive mix of professional level skills and performance training that its coaches, trainers and staff offer to master athletes and Olympic hopefuls.

SPIRE Academy offers a boarding school (education and training) Academy program plus year-round residential and day camps in basketball, track and field, swimming and esports. Programs focus on skill development, technical and tactical training and athletic performance training with a competitive environment to help participants prepare for the next level.

Whether an athlete is training for the Olympics, dreams of playing in college or trying out for their school or club team, SPIRE understands that what’s most important is steady progress along a customized path toward your goal. Everyone on campus is fully invested in helping athletes be their best through a shared passion for the game, a passion for progress and a passion for long-term athletic and personal development.

SPIRE Academy and Camps are here to give every athlete an opportunity to experience what it’s like to train and play at one of the most unique and diversified training and education complexes in the world today. SPIRE is open and ready for you! Fuel Your Passion!

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