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500 acres of world-class facilities. 365 Days a year. SPIRE Academy is where sports come to life. 

Every sport loves an Olympic-grade backdrop to perform in. The beautiful thing about SPIRE’s facilities is their massive and functional appeal and agility. With a campus that transforms quickly, their courts and fields convert effortlessly to suit sporting and special events 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The epicenter of athletics in the Greater Cleveland Area has come a long way.

Once upon a time, Geneva, Ohio, had no soccer or baseball fields. No track and field. No aquatics center. And no indoor sports facilities. When Ohio’s long, blustery winters arrived, training for most sports went into hibernation. In March 2009, an empty patch of land off Interstate 90 became home to one of the country’s most prominent sports complexes. That was just the first building phase. Three phases later, millions of athletes from across the globe train cross the threshold year-round.

Geneva wasn’t the only place that needed an indoor sports hub come winter. Since the city is within driving distance of two-thirds of the U.S. population, athletes from all over the country could train here. Major metropolitan areas like Columbus, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Toronto, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC, Charlotte and Toronto are within 500 miles or less. 

SPIRE proudly hosts events for superstars in the making and those already at the top of their game. From the Ohio Valley Region Volleyball Tournament to the Big Ten Indoor Track & Field Championships, they fuel the passion of student athletes and give them a platform to shine in competitions and camps.

The professional athletic world has taken notice too. The sports destination is a 50-minute drive from Cleveland, two hours from Pittsburgh and a quick plane ride from NYC. It also knows how to partner with international superstars. Their current ambassadors––Kyle Harrison, Caeleb Dressel, Ryan Lochte and Dikembe Mutombo––are all world-class athletes and Olympians who have helped the Academy grow, launch new programs and bring events to the facility.  

Over the past decade, the sprawling campus has expanded to over 500 acres and 750,000 square feet under one roof, with plenty more to come. SPIRE’s area hotel partners allow families and athletes from all over the country to stay near campus. From lakeside dining to the beloved national chain where you grab your daily morning coffee, Geneva is always ready to entertain and oblige.

Geneva has been home to plenty of perfect hosts since it transitioned from a “Rust Belt” community to a “budding” wine destination. SPIRE’s size, scale, location and amenities are ideal for hosting any event. What fan wouldn’t enjoy local winery tours along Lake Erie’s shore with their next game? Come and see what Geneva has to offer, and if you’re ready to bring your next event to SPIRE Academy, contact us today!

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