Award-Winning Performance Coach Bobby Kaleal Named SPIRE Director of Performance


Award-winning performance coach and motivational speaker Bobby Kaleal has been hired as the new Director of Performance at SPIRE Academy. Kaleal, a 22-year veteran in sports training and conditioning, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Registered Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He holds double master’s degrees in Exercise Science and Sports Management Administration and double bachelor’s degrees in Athletic Training and Fitness Management.

SPIRE’s Assistant Sports Director, Jeff Javorek, said, “We are so excited to have Bobby join our SPIRE Family. He brings a wealth of knowledge, energy and experience to SPIRE. Bobby is highly regarded as one of the top performance coaches in the Cleveland area. He has worked with athletes of all ages, skill levels and multiple sports. Bobby has trained some of the top athletes in the world!  He plans to bring new performance technologies to SPIRE and create a world-renown Performance Center at SPIRE.”

Kaleal has 11 issued patents that cover avatar technology, wearable devices, and biometric health information. He contributed to the success of many world champion athletes, including two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion and Cleveland native, Stipe Miocic. He has been featured in many top publications including Men’s Health and ESPN The Magazine. Not only does he train with world class athletes, but Kaleal also serves as the performance coach for the Ohio SPAN SWAT team, the Cleveland Ohio FBI and the elite FBI Hostage Rescue Team in Quantico, Virginia.

Kaleal is looking forward to contributing to SPIRE’s mission of excellence. He explains, “I am very excited about the opportunity at SPIRE. I have an opportunity to combine a world class facility with state-of-the-art technology and offer it to all of our academy students, as well as the regional athletes and campers. By combining these technologies, I will be able to help educate students, coaches and parents on a variety of levels in the areas of human performance, nutrition and stress. Most importantly, it gives me the opportunity to truly help individuals reach their peak athletic potential.”

SPIRE Co-Managing Director, Ted Meekma, understands the value Kaleal brings to the SPIRE leadership team. “He lives in the Cleveland area, he’s a successful business owner, a tech expert in this space and has personally trained lots of athletes at a wide variety of levels, including world champions. He has serious energy and strong charisma and is the kind of step-up in leadership and experience that we need in this space. At the same time, he knows he has to get his hands dirty while building this program into the world class resource we need it to be.

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