Ted Meekma and Lelan Rogers Talk Lacrosse on Going Offsides


In this episode of Going Offsides, the first and only lacrosse podcast network from LaxAllStars, SPIRE Institute & Academy’s Co-Managing Director Ted Meekma and Director of Lacrosse Lelan Rogers discuss lacrosse as the newest SPIRE sports offering, how the program is shaping up and what lacrosse fans can expect in the future.

For Ted, lacrosse was uncharted territory and he reached out to the big names in the sport, Legendary Sports Group, to assess the facilities, gain an understanding of the academy’s approach to training and education and to find the perfect coach. LSG delivered, introducing Ted to Lelan Rogers. For Lelan, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity he couldn’t resist.

Listen to find out how Ted and Lelan came to SPIRE, why they chose lacrosse as the next SPIRE program, how they plan on moving forward and expanding lacrosse over the next few years and why SPIRE was described as “Disneyland for student athletes.”

You can listen to the full podcast HERE.

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