GLA, SPIRE and Erie Sports Center Partnerships Grow Soccer Programs in the Tri-State Area


The Great Lakes Alliance, Erie Sports Center and SPIRE Academy are individually known for their elite sports programming reputation and for creating opportunities for young athletes to compete while upping their level of play. Now that the three have joined forces, it’s a partnership like no other.

In a major boost for soccer in the tri-state area, Great Lakes Alliance, Great Lakes Tournaments, SPIRE and Erie Sports Center have joined forces to ensure that players in the region have more year-round access to compete. This partnership combines the premier regional soccer league and tournament organizer with two first-class soccer facilities.

SPIRE’s infrastructure is perfect for hosting competitive soccer play. The academy is hyper-focused on developing student athletes for the next level. That commitment led to constructing a campus for year-round training and competition. Combined with GLA’s reach, those attributes allow more clubs and players in the region to play. 

Troy Bingham, SPIRE Soccer Director and Erie Sports Center owner, said, “GLA with both ECNL-RL and NPL platforms is recognized as regional leaders in league play, tournament participation and showcase management. Working together allows us to strategically plan new events, invest in upgrading facilities and develop longer-term plans to grow the game and pathways in the region. We will now have premier leagues playing at premier facilities, which will only improve the standard of play and the player and parent experience.” 

As the largest league operator in the region, GLA coordinates the Capital Area Soccer Association and the Elite Clubs National League. The club has a broad reach with more than 110 clubs and 660 plus teams they oversee. The strategic partnership with SPIRE and Erie Sports Center, as well as the CAPS Fieldhouse, provides exclusive league access to the only four 11-v-11 indoor fields in the region for leagues, tournaments and college showcases.

Ed Bernstein, Executive Director of the Great Lakes Alliance, commented, “It also gives us access to another 15 outdoor fields between Buffalo, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. This provides us with the ability to host high-quality matches while reducing travel for families. The primary reason for the creation Great Lakes Alliance (GLA) was to create a predictable and logical next-step environment focused on the players and their development. We are very excited about the new opportunities this partnership provides for our clubs and their players.”

The Great Lakes Alliance will begin offering 11-v-11 regional soccer indoor league play starting in winter 2022. To learn more, visit

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