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The SPIRE performance team follows a training philosophy that provides exceptional coaching, reporting, testing and assessments that make sure that athletes are ready to perform at the next level. SPIRE Performance focuses on speed, strength and agility. The specialized programs are designed to enhance athletes abilities and skills for their preferred sport. Every SPIRE athlete participates in performance sessions. These are led by our elite performance staff who each have multiple years of training experience.

Our Programs

Speed Development

60 minute program focusing on linear and multi-directional speed development.

Offered Monday-Friday 6pm-7pm and Saturday 10am-11am.

Program teaches athletes proper mechanics for increased speed development and is progressed and regressed based on individualized needs.

Athletes in this class should expect to see increases in:

  • Acceleration​
  • Top-End Speed
  • Multi-directional and angular speed
  • Power production (jump and explosiveness)

Class includes athletic performance testing.

Cost per session $22.50

Unlimited sessions over 1 month $175

Unlimited sessions over 3 months $450

Strength Development

60 minute program focusing on resistance training to improve athletic performance.

Offered Monday-Friday 7pm-8pm and Saturday 11am-12pm.

Program is individualized based on athletes training age and ability levels.

Athletes in this class should expect to see increases in:

  • Strength
  • Power
  • Injury resilience
  • Resistance training skill and technique

FMS Screening recommended for all new registrants.

Cost per session $22.50

Unlimited sessions over 1 month $175

Unlimited sessions over 3 months $450

Full Athletic Development

Our Full Program includes speed and strength development into a two hour session.

Offered Monday-Friday 6pm-8pm and Saturday 10am-12pm.

Half of the session will be dedicated to Speed while the other half dedicated to Strength

Athletes enrolled in this program receive our Full Evaluation that includes:

  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Athletic Performance Tests

Cost per session $35

Unlimited sessions over 1 month $250

Unlimited sessions over 3 months $650


Evaluations and Assessments

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

The Functional Movement Screen will allow SPIRE Performance professionals to break down your movement capabilities (flexibility, mobility, stability, skill) and identify weaknesses that need to be addressed for increased athletic performance and decreased injury risk. SPIRE Performance coaches will then build an individualized corrective exercise script to help increase your functional movement skills.

45 minutes - Cost per evaluation $35

Performance Testing

Athletic testing to identify where your abilities are for overall athleticism (speed, agility, explosive power, fitness). SPIRE Performance staff will take each athlete through comprehensive tests to identify strengths and weaknesses of athletic capabilities. Testing utilizes lazer timing gates and Vertec jump equipment to ensure accurate testing and re-testing of each athlete.

45 minutes - Cost per evaluation $35

Full Evaluation

Our Full Evaluation is our most comprehensive testing that includes the Functional Movement Screen and Athletic testing. This will provide each athlete with an in-depth look at their movement capabilities and athletic abilities and help SPIRE Performance coaches build a program to help improve complete athletic development.

Don't go into training blind of your capabilities, sign up for your Full Evaluation and allow the professionals at SPIRE Performance build the perfect program for your individual needs.

90 minutes - Cost per evaluation $70


Performance Team

John Wallace

SPIRE Performance Director

John comes to SPIRE from Cleveland State University where he earned his Master's degree in exercise science and was a graduate assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Vikings athletic department. He has a diverse background in sports that helps him understand the specific needs and demands to increase his athletes physical qualities. John is a Registered Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (RSCC-NSCA).



“The increase and strength during this time has been incredible. My main sport is downhill ski racing and I have been competing for six years. The Jumps in my strength have been very notable from year to year. This is mostly entirely due to the amazing program and coaching at Spire Performance. Without the incredible program I would never be able to be where I am at today. I have worked out at numerous different facilities before I started working out at Spire Performance. Between the amazing facility, the ideal equipment utilized in every workout, the incredible program, and the right coaching. All of that gives me an amazing base to than further my strength. If it wasn’t for Spire Performance I would not be at where I am today."

-Michael M.

SPIRE Performance Athlete



“Strictly based upon exceeding my goals and setting new PR’s…..my experience at Spire Performance has been unbelievable. With respect to everything else, participating in Spire Performance has been awesome. New friends, exposure to high levels of competition, as well as, a front row seat on how an individually tailored training program can generate real results.As a result of participating at Spire Performance it has allowed me to set new personal goals that I would have never imagined or attempted to achieve."

-Emma L.

SPIRE Performance Athlete