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The SPIRE performance team follows a training philosophy that provides exceptional coaching, reporting, testing and assessments that make sure that athletes are ready to perform at the next level. SPIRE Performance focuses on speed, strength and agility. The specialized programs are designed to enhance athletes abilities and skills for their preferred sport. Every SPIRE athlete participates in performance sessions. These are led by our elite performance staff who each have multiple years of training experience. For More Information Email: performance@spireinstitute.org

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This is a quick view of what is going on this week at SPIRE Performance that you may be interested in joining in on or watching. 

SPIRE Performance offers three unique types of programs for every athlete.

Speed and Agility Development 

  • Designed to work with athletes of any sport in the mechanics of linear speed, agility and multi-directional quickness.
  • The program focuses on acceleration, improving maximum velocity, and the correct technique needed for sprinting and running.
  • Athletes will learn the appropriate movement patterns necessary to have a more explosive first step and improve top-end speed.
  • Included in the program is a Nike+ Athletic rating score (performance testing)

Strength Development 

  • This program looks to increase the strength and power of athletes through comprehensive and progressive resistance training techniques.
  • We utilize the Functional Movement Screen in order to assess the athletes’ movement patterns and apply the appropriate corrective exercise techniques.
  • Each program is individualized to the level (strength/power) and ability (skill/technique) of the athlete and will continuously push them to develop at the appropriate pace.

Speed and Strength Development (Full Athletic Development Program) 

  • This program combines the Speed Development and Strength Development into one full comprehensive program.
  • Athletes enrolled in this program will learn the proper mechanics and techniques for both speed development and strength development.
  • Each athlete in this program receives a full athletic assessment that includes a injury risk/movement screen (Functional Movement Screen) and an athletic assessment (performance testing).
  • From these results we are able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete as it relates movement or athleticism.
  • The testing also allows us to build comprehensive corrective exercises to help decrease injury risk and increase movement capabilities.
  • Corrective exercise program can be completed at home with minimal space and equipment.

SPIRE Performance offers three types of testing and evaluation for every athlete.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

  • Each athlete will be taken through a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) that will analyze their movement patterns.
  • Based on the results SPIRE Performance staff will build an individualized corrective exercise script to help increase movement capabilities and decrease injury risk.
  • Video based corrective movements will be sent to the athletes for proper exercise execution and training outside of SPIRE.


Cost: $50

Performance Testing

  • Athletes will be take through a number of performance tests to identify the athletes physical capabilities.
  • Strength, Power, Speed, Agility, and Stamina will all be tested and analyzed to identify areas of focus for performance training.
  • Testing will utilize laser timing systems as well as video based analysis software for the most accurate results for both pre and post testing.


Cost: $50

Full Athletic Assessment

  • The Full Athletic Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation that combines our performance testing and functional movement screen.
  • Athletes will receive their individualized corrective exercise script based off their FMS results as well as their performance testing numbers.
  • SPIRE Performance coaches will then make recommendation on areas of focus (strengths and weaknesses) and recommend proper strategies to improve their performance.


Cost: $70

**Full Athletic Assessment included in Full Athletic Development Program (Speed & Strength)

Membership Type Price Per Session  Amount of Training Time
Speed $22.50 60 minutes
Strength $22.50 60 minutes
Speed and Strength  $35.00 105 minutes (1:45 hrs)

*Minimum of 6 weeks

*Purchase 2x per week (12 sessions) and receive one FREE session (Full Athletic Development Program only)

*Purchase 3x per week (18 sessions) and receive two FREE sessions (Full Athletic Development Program only)

*Refer a friend and receive 10% off your next development Session package! 

*Sibling Discount: After initial sign up (1 athlete) every other sibling receives 10% discount for all SPIRE Performance Training Programs


“The increase and strength during this time has been incredible. My main sport is downhill ski racing and I have been competing for six years. The Jumps in my strength have been very notable from year to year. This is mostly entirely due to the amazing program and coaching at Spire Performance. Without the incredible program I would never be able to be where I am at today. I have worked out at numerous different facilities before I started working out at Spire Performance. Between the amazing facility, the ideal equipment utilized in every workout, the incredible program, and the right coaching. All of that gives me an amazing base to than further my strength. If it wasn’t for Spire Performance I would not be at where I am today."

-Michael M.

SPIRE Performance Athlete



“Strictly based upon exceeding my goals and setting new PR’s…..my experience at Spire Performance has been unbelievable. With respect to everything else, participating in Spire Performance has been awesome. New friends, exposure to high levels of competition, as well as, a front row seat on how an individually tailored training program can generate real results.As a result of participating at Spire Performance it has allowed me to set new personal goals that I would have never imagined or attempted to achieve."

-Emma L.

SPIRE Performance Athlete