SPIRE Performance Programs

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SPIRE Performance offers three unique types of programs for every athlete.

Speed and Agility Development 

  • Designed to work with athletes of any sport in the mechanics of linear speed, agility and multi-directional quickness.
  • The program focuses on acceleration, improving maximum velocity, and the correct technique needed for sprinting and running.
  • Athletes will learn the appropriate movement patterns necessary to have a more explosive first step and improve top-end speed.
  • Included in the program is a Nike+ Athletic rating score (performance testing)

Strength Development 

  • This program looks to increase the strength and power of athletes through comprehensive and progressive resistance training techniques.
  • We utilize the Functional Movement Screen in order to assess the athletes’ movement patterns and apply the appropriate corrective exercise techniques.
  • Each program is individualized to the level (strength/power) and ability (skill/technique) of the athlete and will continuously push them to develop at the appropriate pace.

Speed and Strength Development (Full Athletic Development Program) 

  • This program combines the Speed Development and Strength Development into one full comprehensive program.
  • Athletes enrolled in this program will learn the proper mechanics and techniques for both speed development and strength development.
  • Each athlete in this program receives a full athletic assessment that includes a injury risk/movement screen (Functional Movement Screen) and an athletic assessment (performance testing).
  • From these results we are able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete as it relates movement or athleticism.
  • The testing also allows us to build comprehensive corrective exercises to help decrease injury risk and increase movement capabilities.
  • Corrective exercise program can be completed at home with minimal space and equipment.