Updated SPIRE institute and Academy Closure

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Things can feel very overwhelming at times as we continue to be provided with updates each hour of each day related to the Corona Virus. The team at SPIRE Institute is addressing the situation as best we can. Though we are not open to the public, we as a team, continue to move forward with all of the exciting plans that have been, and are being put in place related to all of our programming. This situation has allowed us to take a moment to pause and assess the best ways to move forward to serve our community, not only locally, but also regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our goal has always been to be a community resource, to provide an opportunity for those at SPIRE to learn, grow and reach their best selves. Please know that even though we are not open, we are doing all we can to insure that once things have progressed to a point where things can get back to some normalcy, we will be ready to move forward with exciting new programming that will broaden our capabilities even further. Please continue to follow us on social media as we will continue to do our best to provide thoughts, concepts and suggestions to assist you at this trying time. It is our hope that the content that we do post is helpful in some small way to help bring some positively to your day.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing everyone soon.