Why spire camps?

SPIRE Camps encompass skill development, technical/tactical training and athlete performance training within a competitive environment to help prepare you for the next level.

Every year, athletes from around the world choose to train at SPIRE Academy. Now you too can train on campus within academy-inspired co-ed, boarding and non-boarding camps at SPIRE. Athletes can choose from a variety of sport program options for different durations and focused on various specialties. Camps are available for all ages, genders and abilities.

SPIRE Camps are an experience you will never forget. Here’s why:


    Whether you’re trying out for your school team or training for the Olympics – what’s important is that you are getting better and steadily developing while following the customized path you established to reach your individual goals.


    There is more to becoming a champion than just improving skills and polishing technique. SPIRE provides physical, and mental performance training with nutrition and hydration guidance, as well as sports-specific training/competition programming in basketball, esports, swimming, track and field, wrestling and drone racing.


    SPIRE is a community 12 months of the year. Everyone on campus is fully invested in training athletes and building strong individuals year-round. Our community The SPIRE Family foster a passion for the game, a passion for improvement, and a passion for long-term athletic development.


    Constructed on 430 acres of expansive land, at 750,000 square feet, SPIRE is among the largest and best-equipped indoor sports facilities in North America. SPIRE Academy serves as a national/international college preparatory academy for high school and postgraduate athletes. SPIRE’S experienced coaching staff conducts academy, camp, club, skill development programs and/or league play in a wide variety of sports. SPIRE also hosts countless sports competitions including those organized by the NCAA, the Big East, the Big Ten and the Atlantic 10 conferences. Spire has also hosted Olympic trials and world championship qualifiers.



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  • Camp Check In & Out

    1. Check-In
      1. Checking in during the week: All campers will meet in the lobby of the SPIRE Academy and Fit area in the Aquatics Building. In the SPIRE Fit Desk, the campers meet the coaches and house parents. Depending on how many campers arriving, the camper’s belongings will be kept in a secure place till they get picked up and head to SPIRE Village, our on-campus housing. 
      2. Checking in on the weekend (if no activities are planned): At the SPIRE Fit Desk campers will meet the coaches and house parents. Once all campers have arrived, the camper’s will head to SPIRE Village, our on-campus housing
    2. Check-Out 
      1. Before coming into SPIRE, each house parent will check each campers room to make sure everything is cleaned up. Each camper will bring all their stuff to SPIRE and their belongings will be kept in a secure location till pick up by the parents. Pick up from parents will be held in the SPIRE Academy and Fit lobby of the Aquatics Building. Each student will be released to their parent(s) listed on the Camper Pick-up Authorization Form.
  • What To Bring

    1. General [Please bring enough for the duration of your camp plus a few extra]
      1. Shirts
      2. Bottoms [Shorts, Sweatpants, Leggings, etc.]
      3. Socks/Underwear
      4. Running Shoes
      5. Shoes for between activities/downtime
      6. Water bottle
      7. Toiletries
      8. Bed Linen [Twin XL – Deep Pocket]
      9. Back pack/Gym Bag
      10. Alarm Clock
      11. Jacket
      12. Face Mask
      13. Hand Sanitizer
    2. By Sport
      • Basketball
        • Basketball Sneakers
        • Compression Shorts
        • Other Preferred Gear [Compression sleeves, knee/ankle braces, mouth guards, etc.]
        • All other equipment will be cleaned and provided by SPIRE
      • Swimming
        • Swim Caps
        • Goggles
        • All other equipment will be cleaned and provided by SPIRE
      • Track and Field
        • Spikes
        • Pole Vaulters: Can bring your own poles, chalk and tape. If not, a pole will be provided.
        • All other equipment will be cleaned and provided by SPIRE
      • Football
        • Cleats
        • Compression Shorts
        • Compression Socks
        • Mouth Guard
        • All other equipment will be cleaned and provided by SPIRE
      • Wrestling
        • Wrestling Shoes (no street shoes on the mat)
        • Shorts and Shirt
      • Lacrosse
        • Cleats AND all purpose sneakers
        • Helmet, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, cup, mouth guard. Goalies-helmet with throat shield, chest protect, gloves, cup, mouth guard
        • All players should bring 2 sticks. Defensemen should bring a Long pole and short stick (for box games)
      • Soccer
        • Shin Guards
        • Cleats
        • All other equipment will be cleaned and provided by SPIRE
      • Drones
        • Please check with camp director.
      • Esports
        • Please check with camp director.
    3. SPIRE Academy is not responsible for any lost or missing items. It is not recommended that campers bring expensive electronics such as iPods or hand-held gaming devices. It is the athlete’s responsibility to maintain all personal belongings during their time at camp. Various evening activities will be hosted by SPIRE. Campers can bring items such as: books, magazines, board games, playing cards, arts and crafts.
  • Accommodations For Students

    1. SPIRE Village
      1. SPIRE Village consists of five 2,300sq. ft. new homes built specifically for SPIRE Academy. Each of the six bedrooms accommodates two twin beds, a nightstand, wardrobe, two study tables with chairs and a shared six-drawer chest. The student lounge has a big screen TV, couch/chairs and a dining room table with chairs for house meetings. There are three student bathrooms a washer and dryer all readily accessible. Picnic tables and some outdoor sports equipment will be placed in between the houses. Each house is heated by natural gas, cooled with AC, has LED lighting, is well insulated, fully sprinkled and all student rooms have their own unique entry key. All buildings are handicapped accessible. Houses will have weekly resident meetings designed around personal growth topics and jointly run by a student living in the house and the house parent. There will be activities planned where all houses work together on internal and external community projects and some fun competitions between houses for prizes. A house parent occupies a one-bedroom apartment in each building, complete with kitchen, dining/living area and full bath. Our house parents will be fully trained in safety and COVID precautions.
  • General Dining Information

    1. SPIRE Fuel
      1. SPIRE understands the importance of healthy eating and proper nutrition to the competitive athlete
      2. Located on site, SPIRE Fuel is an innovative approach to eating [or “fueling’ your system]. Fuel offers students, competitors and visitors the same nutritious, fresh meal options enjoyed by Olympic and Professional athletes.
      3. Fuel specializes in prepared-to-order cuisine with zero added trans-fat, no artificial flavors or coloring, and an emphasis on local produce, fresh ingredients, and whole grains
      4. Special nutritional needs can also be accommodated. Please notify the Camp director prior to camp.
      5. Please answer the food allergy question during the Registration to alert us of allergies or dietary restrictions.
  • Health Services

    Express Care

      1. Cleveland Clinic Express Care Clinic

                                   2999 McMackin Rd, 

                                   Madison, OH 44057


    Local Hospitals

      1. Cleveland Clinic Ashtabula County Medical Center

                                   2420 Lake Ave,

                                   Ashtabula, OH 44004


                   2. UH Geneva Medical Center

                                   870 W Main St,

                                   Geneva, OH 44041


    Local Pharmacies

                  1. CVS Pharmacy

                                   170 E Main St, 

                                   Geneva, OH 44041


                  2. Giant Eagle Pharmacy

                                   755 South Broadway Avenue, 

                                   Geneva, OH 44041


                  3. Rite Aid Pharmacy

                                   633 S Broadway, 

                                   Geneva, OH 44041



      1. Specialist are available depending on situation/injury
  • Laundry

    All student housing includes washers and dryers for the students to use

  • Phone/Fax

    1. SPIRE’s Main Office: 440-466-1002
    2. SPIRE’s Fax: 440-415-1087
  • Mail

    1. Incoming Mail – please send mail for the athlete to:

                         Athlete’s Name

                         c/o SPIRE Camp

                        5201 SPIRE Circle, 

                        Geneva, Oh 44041

          2. All Mail can be picked up in the main office during business hours, 9 am to 5 pm

  • Activities

    On Campus activities:

    • Swimming in SPIRE recreational pool
    • Campfires w/ smores
    • Scavenger Hunts around campus
    • Game Night (board games, card games, ping-pong, cornhole)
    • Kickball/Volleyball games
    • Movie Nights w/ ice cream sundaes and popcorn
    *On campus activities are with either a coach and/or house parents supervising and facilitating at all times.
    Potential Off-Campus activities:
    • Whip n Dip ice cream trip
    • Beach trips
    • Geneva-On-The-Lake resort
    *Off campus activities depend on the weather, the number of campers, age of campers, and ALWAYS have 2-3 house parents and/or coaches supervising at all times.
  • Refund Policy

    SPIRE Camp Refund Policy:
    • SPIRE will refund the amount paid for the camp (less 2.5%) if you cancel the camp at least 48 hours prior to the originally scheduled camp start date.
  • Inclement Weather Policy

    1. Please note, in case of rain or other inclement weather, all sports programs have a plan in place to out of the weather.
  • COVID-19 Policies

    1. All COVID-19 Policies can be viewed here.
For more information about

SPIRE Camps, view our resource center

SPIRE Contact info:

Phone: (440) 466-1002

Email: [email protected]

Address: 5201 SPIRE Circle, Geneva, OH 44041