5 Tips to Stand Out to College Wrestling Recruiters


SPIRE Institute & Academy (IA) understands that for student athletes, the next “big step” is choosing a college or university. Our college planning & placement programs are designed to give each student the edge they need to get noticed and recruited for some of the top colleges and universities across the nation.

When it comes to wrestling, student athletes face some tough competition. How do they develop the skills and competitive mindset for taking their wrestling career to the next level?

1. Research Counts

For the developing wrestling student athlete, it’s never too soon to start researching colleges with great programs. Online resources include the NCAA and Next College Student Athlete. It’s important to understand the criteria that college recruiters are looking for in their athletes, from NCAA Division I to NJCAA. 

2. Build Academic Success Alongside Athletic Development

Decision makers are looking for the complete package when recruiting for their schools. A history of strong academic achievement and extracurricular activities show them that you value a good education and are developing important social and leadership skills that will make you a great fit for their institution.

3. Every Competition Matters

Every wrestling competition is another chance to show your skills to potential recruiters. Your odds of being noticed by coaches will increase if you contact them and let them know you are in upcoming competitions.

4. Highlight Videos Showcase Your Unique Personality and Achievements 

An outstanding highlight video can be very influential in a recruiter’s decision to move forward in the selection process for potential recruitment. Because they receive many videos throughout the year, you can make yours stand out in several key ways:

Be brief: Introduce yourself, explain exactly why you believe you are an ideal fit for their program, and include the best footage of your wrestling skills.

Online profile: Creating an online profile is the best way to share your information, including your highlight video.

Contact info: An interested coach needs to know where and how to contact you for more information. Place contact info in the highlight video and on your online profile. 

Put your best foot forward early: Because coaches have so many videos to watch, make sure you showcase your best footage early on in the video to catch their attention.

Put your video in front of the decision makers: Establish relationships with coaches by sending them your video directly.

5. College Planning & Placement Resources

SPIRE has a deep pool of college planning & placement resources for wrestling student athletes, including relationships with coaches and recruiters that can give you the edge over your competition. Take advantage of all these helpful resources; each one is designed to help students find their perfect college or university fit.

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