SPIRE suggests that you wear a mask if you believe you are immunocompromised.

The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the world we live in almost beyond recognition. Since its onset in March 2020, leadership at SPIRE Institute & Academy (IA) have closely followed the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the local health department, and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s office to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and keep students, campers, parents, guests and SPIRE employees as safe as possible.

SPIRE IA is observing strict requirements to slow or eliminate the spread of the contagion among its school community. Employees, students, campers, parents and guests must wear a mask at all times.

In addition, the following general guidelines have been put in place to preserve the SPIRE community’s health and well-being:

  • All minor athletes must have a parent sign the appropriate paperwork, prior to any minor athlete being admitted into SPIRE

  • All people in our facilities must be at least 6’ apart at all times.

  • Signage and markings around campus are there to designate a set flow of traffic in the buildings and prevent areas of large congregation.

  • Areas in all buildings not in use will be blocked off and/or doors locked.

  • Seating in respective areas will be maintained at capacities dictated by the department of health and the CDC.

  • Signs will be posted throughout the facilities reminding all of safety responsibilities and requirements to remain welcome on campus.

  • Anyone coming on campus to train must arrive and depart wearing their workout clothes including footwear and bring their own sanitizer. Showering on site will not be allowed.

  • If in a building visiting someone’s office do not enter until invited into the office.

  • There will be staggered arrival and departure times for all athletes to minimize contact with others.

  • An isolation room will be available for SPIRE Student Athletes.

  • Urgent care and the local hospital are respectively only 5 and 10 minutes away,

  • We have a partnership with the Cleveland Clinic should services be needed 24/7.

  • For families whose children will be boarding, there will be daily health updates or more frequently if needed.

  • All events and activities on campus must be approved through the Ashtabula County Health Department

As one of the largest indoor, professional training and competition complexes in the world with more than 750,000 sq. ft. under roof, SPIRE IA is acutely aware of the importance of thorough environmental cleaning and disinfection. SPIRE Facilities Cleanliness Protocol includes the following steps:

  • All campus bathrooms will be sanitized every 4 hours, 7 days a week when buildings are open.

  • All interior and exterior doors will be sanitized every 4 hours.

  • Equipment in SPIRE Fit and Performance will be sanitized after every use.

  • Our Fuel dining and serving area will be sanitized before and after each meal.

  • Vending machines and any other surfaces touched frequently will be sanitized every 4 hours.

  • Classroom desks, countertops and other furniture including all technology will be sanitized nightly.

  • All vehicles will be sanitized before and after any use .

  • All ventilation units will be checked daily to ensure they are working properly.

“The most important thing for everyone to know and understand is that we are tracking the incidence of coronavirus-related health issues in the Geneva, Ohio area around the clock, and are prepared to do whatever is necessary to minimize the degree to which it affects the SPIRE community,” said SPIRE COO Jeff Orloff. “We will continue to adhere to all guidelines from the CDC, and recommendations from Governor DeWine’s office and our local health department to ensure we are creating the safest environment possible on the SPIRE campus.”

SPIRE COVID -19 Refund Policy

At SPIRE, we are well aware of how the uncertainty of Covid-19 has everyone feeling nervous and concerned. We assure you that we are doing everything we can – all day, every day – to make sure that the SPIRE academic, athletic and student life environment will be as safe and healthy as possible – at all times. Nothing is more important to us than the health of our students (and their families) and that of our staff (and their families).

In recent weeks we have received a number of very good questions from parents regarding SPIRE’S refund policy in the event a virus resurgence in Ohio disrupts our Academy program. Set forth below is an overview of how we will generally address the issue of appropriate refunds within a series of different scenarios. We hope it will provide you with some peace of mind as you entrust your child to our care.

There are three general categories of academy-related services offered by SPIRE to our students. They include:

Academics: Either in class or, in special situations, online or blended online
Specific major: Track and Field, Swimming, Basketball, Wrestling, e-sports
Room and board: Campus housing and meals

If during the SPIRE school year Covid – 19 returns in a significant fashion and impacts the Academy operation, we must first identify the length and nature of the disruption. For example:

-Are we required to put everyone in a 14-day quarantine?
-If the C-19 level rises, yet a full shut down is not mandatory, do students choose to stay or return home?
-If students must go home, do they come back or are they forbidden to return?
-What happens if a student is unable to return home and must stay on campus for a particular period of time?

All these scenarios are uniquely different, and our ability to service some or all aspects of the academy experience varies in each case. Therefore, SPIRE will calculate the appropriate amount to be refunded or credited to next year based on:

-What services continue to be provided either in person or virtually.
-The number of days left in the school year.
-And the costs connected to each component of our program (noted above).

Thank you for your understanding. We are committed to our mission at SPIRE, and truly appreciate your faith and confidence in our team and our program.


Should you be asked to complete our Health Screening Form. You may complete it electronically or print and bring with you.

Online Health Screen Form

Printable Version: COVID 19 SPIRE Health Screening Form

Once you complete the electronic form, you will receive an email. Bring a copy of the email to show at the Health Screening Station on campus. You will have your temperature verified prior to being issued a wristband to enter campus. You may also show the email you received.

“We will continue to adhere to all guidelines from the CDC, and recommendations from Governor DeWine’s office and our local health department to ensure we are creating the safest environment possible on the SPIRE campus.”

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