SPIRE Welcomes Katherine Reedy, Ed.D, as New Director of Academics


With over 25 years of educational experience, Kathrine Reedy, Ed.D was the perfect choice for SPIRE Institute and Academy (IA) as the newest member of the athletic academy’s team, Director of Academics.

Katherine’s own educational background includes a Masters in Special Education, and a B.A. in Educational Philosophy, Educational Psychology and Sociology. Kate graduated Summa Cum Laude from Lynn University in 2016 after receiving her Educational Leadership Degree.

She understands that every student has unique strengths, and using these strengths brings opportunities for students to work on areas of struggle. Katherine’s unique approach to education is based on the understanding that encouraging the growth of a student depends on the student’s age, confidence, and ability.

Katherine believes strongly in the Universal Design for Learning, feeling that it is the role of academics to inspire and engage learners to think critically, embrace who they are as a learner and cultivate their understanding of not only core academics, but also life and personal development skills. Leaders in education need to find the best ways to empower students to find their passion and learn the skills to make their dreams come to fruition.

“SPIRE is uniquely positioned to be a leader in whole student development. As a new academic program this private school in Ohio has the chance to break the previous models of education and truly push learning into the 21st century,” Katherine explains. “The intentional model, which affords opportunities for students to pursue a passion while also learning in many different areas, is inspiring. The people SPIRE is bringing to develop these programs are leaders in their field, which allows for maximum opportunity for students to develop and for adults to continue their own growth.”

Katherine’s doctorate dissertation was focused on 21st century learning, and she believes she has a perfect opportunity to see her research come to life. “This is a newer school that is not entrenched in tradition and previous educational methodologies. I will continue to strive to find ways to help expand SPIRE’s academic offerings by staying current with research, seeking feedback and implementing change. Through the relationships built between colleagues, students and myself, my hope is to impart as much on them as they do on me.”

“SPIRE is extremely fortunate to have Kate Reedy joining us as our Dean of Academics,” says Ted Meekma, Co-Managing Director at SPIRE. “Kate’s knowledge and passion for education, and her depth of experience in the multi-specialty, training academy world makes her ideally suited to build a world class academic environment at SPIRE.”

With an exciting new approach to educational philosophies, Katherine is ready to help SPIRE students achieve their own personal excellence. “My goal is to create an academic program that supports students who are passionate in an area while capitalizing on that passion in the learning environment. I will seek to create a curriculum that is student-focused, project-based and prepares students for college and life.”

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