SPIRE Welcomes English/Computer Science Teacher McKenzie Wallace to the Teaching Faculty


SPIRE Institute & Academy (IA) welcomes the newest addition to their teaching faculty, English/Computer Science teacher McKenzie Wallace.

McKenzie has been teaching at the high school and post-secondary levels for nearly a decade. She brings with her a passion for integrating content across curricula and is well-versed in teaching courses using a project-based approach. She is a “teacher’s teacher” as well, educating fellow teachers on ways to successfully integrate technology into the classroom setting. Running cross country and track & field for UH during her studies, McKenzie brings a thorough understanding of what it means to be a strong academically-focused student while balancing a passion for sports.

McKenzie describes her unique approach to teaching, saying, “My approach is student informed, hands-on, project-based and inquiry-based. We learn by creating, collaborating and experimenting together. I think it is really important to involve the students in the learning process and work together as a team to reach our class goals.” 

Director of Academics, Dr. Katherine Reedy, is excited to welcome McKenzie to their top notch academic team, saying, “McKenzie is dynamic and on the cutting edge of education when it comes to pedagogical practices, student engagement and 21st century learning.” She adds, “Her years of experience in the classroom, as well as her research and desire to stay current on educational trends make her a perfect fit for SPIRE because she sees how English and Computer Science can fit into all aspects of one’s life beyond just the high school years. McKenzie’s creativity and desire to engage students is exactly the type of teacher SPIRE is excited to bring on campus.”

For McKenzie, the opportunity to teach at SPIRE is exciting on many levels. “I am very excited to be part of the SPIRE teaching team and work with the students on campus. The opportunities available to explore and potential of the academy are what I am excited about. I feel like this environment will challenge me as a teaching professional to work in new and interesting ways that will be very rewarding.” 

When not in front of the classroom, you can find McKenzie reading, hiking, spending time with her nieces, nephews and siblings and playing with her miniature poodle, Deklan.

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